Friday, 13 April 2007


Show Info:
1998 Yield Tour Show
Attendance: 66,000

Main Set:
Corduroy, Hail Hail, Brain of J, Even Flow, Given to Fly, Do the Evolution, Wishlist, Better Man/(Save It for Later)

Show Notes: Several of the bands scheduled for the first day of this large benefit show were rescheduled to this day, pushing back PJ's scheduled start time. Toward the end of 'Hail Hail,' Mike is smashing his guitar onto the stage with his tech flying out of the wings to try to save it, Mike sees him coming but smashes it anyway! Ed comments, "You do know this is a nonviolent concert, don't you?!" As he is introducing 'Brain of J,' someone in the crowd throws an object that knocks a drink out of Ed's hands and onto his shirt at the end of 'Hail Hail,' with Ed's cool response: "Thank you." Before 'Even Flow,' there seems to be a discussion about what to play and Ed likens it to countries having troubles making decisions about issues. "This song is about me, it's about you, it's about everyone" is the intro to 'Do the Evolution' which ripped along until the middle when everyone got off rhythm for a second. Ed changes the "fortunate as me" line in 'Wishlist' to "fortunate as us all" and the reprise verse is tacked onto the ending. Before 'Better Man,' Ed rants about "this is going to be dedicated to the president, because we can't really find a better man" and talks about how the song is similar to what is going on in Tibet as they are both about struggles between two people. A pair of gold wings adorn the top of Ed's amp. Ed is happy and they all play well, not great, and the sound system is lacking. The set ended early after 'Better Man,' ("I dedicate this to the abusive relationship between us and our government ... seems like no matter what we do, we're always getting shit on.") The 'Save it for Later' tag is outstanding!

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Source: AKG 451 > AMSBPR2 > TCD-D7 > dEQ > CD
Transfer: CDR > PlexWriter 12/4/32S > EAC > FLAC

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